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Meeting members where they need us

Matrix Medical Network partners with Humana to help you reach your health and well-being goals where it’s convenient. Their health care professionals take the time to listen to your health concerns and provide you with personalized support and focused attention from the comfort of your home.

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About Matrix Medical Network

Matrix Medical Network has provided expert care and health services to millions of at-risk individuals for more than 20 years. Matrix helps support the needs of millions of diverse individuals across the country through health and well-being visits.

Matrix uses qualified and carefully screened medical professionals to perform well-being visits on behalf of Humana. These providers can include physicians (MD/DO), nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Matrix providers meet all the standards required from a Humana provider.




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Your Health and Well-being Assessment with Matrix

A Matrix medical professional will meet with you in the comfort and convenience of your home. You’ll receive dedicated time and personalized attention that may provide you with more insight into your health. This visit may further support the care you receive from your doctor and is recommended even if you regularly see a PCP.

The providers follow all safety precautions recommended by the CDC, including regular screenings, vaccination requirements, good handwashing and equipment cleaning and use of personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.

During your visit, you will receive:

  • A thorough Health and Well-being Assessment
  • A full review of your medical history and medications
  • Personalized recommendations for additional care, screenings and resources if needed



Learn more about the assessment


Find answers to common questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  

Telehealth alternatives

While we highly recommend in-person visits for all of our members, Matrix medical professionals provide many of the same benefits through a video assessment using a camera and internet access.